Why I Run

12 May

Hi There!  I’m Haley (aka the older sister), and I’m here to tell you about my own running story.

(italic words indicate that Hanna (aka the younger sister) has a comment!)

why I run 1
sistah love! 

Growing up, we were active with soccer and later, golf and tennis.  While Hanna and I both have athletic bodies and staying in shape wasn’t really a problem, having to run the mile during school gym classes was not so fun.
Now, let’s get to the exciting things–fast forward to college.
My first year was INSANELY stressful with adjusting to being away from my twin, so the extent of my exercise consisted of going on the elliptical at the gym every once in a while. (Agreed, and to be totally honest that was year 2 for me as well! Hoping to change that this summer!)
This year came with a new set of challenges (starting into fully blown major classes), and I knew I needed something so I wouldn’t go completely insane.  So, one day in October, I laced up my shoes and ran 3 miles with a friend who was training for her half marathon…at her mile pace.  Bad idea to start off that fast, but that’s really how I started to love running.
why i run 2
(My trusty Asics! Favorite brand of running shoes)
Now, running has become a part of my life completely.  I get up at 6am every morning (even on weekends–yes, I’m a crazy person) so I can get a run in before the world wakes up.  It is the best feeling in the world finish a run and look back at what you just accomplished for yourself!  While I am not training for anything specific (at the moment), I am still training for myself.  Whether I am working on increasing my mileage or trying to run a faster mile, I see every run as something beautiful.
why i run 3
(Saturday long run was a success! I need to work on keeping my mile splits even though.)
My advice to any new runner is to just get out there and do it.  I have hard days all the time, and even though they are discouraging, I keep going.  You can do it! (This is great advice!)
How did you start running?
Why do you love running?

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