Why Couscous is the Best Invention Ever

14 May


What is this you ask? The latest (kind of), greatest food invention EVER!

Seriously. This is a lifesaver for college students (me/Haley, Gianna), almost college students (Miranda), and nearly almost college students (Avery). Why you ask? All you need is a pot, water, heat, and 5 minutes and dinner or lunch (or even breakfast of you are totally desperate) is served!


I just added basil for some color, but you can add lean proteins (chicken, maybe some crispy canadian bacon) or veggies (cut onions, peppers).


If you read our about us page, you will know that Haley is the more active twin (ie: she can RUN and does so like every day).  However, now that I have a little free time on my hands, I want to use it to hone my own running skills!

I have two weeks until I get to see Haley again (thank you Memorial Day Weekend!!).  My goal in the next two weeks is to be able to semi keep up with her on her 3 mile runs.  And believe me. That is a lofty goal.

Last time I went to visit her, she dragged me out to the track to run three miles.  What actually happened was she (that little speed devil!) ran and I half ran/half walked.  But folks, it is time for a change. I WILL keep up with her this time!

So now I turn it to you experts: what did you do to increase your mileage/running speed? I only have 2 weeks!!

Have a great Tuesday 🙂

Hanna (and Haley in spirit)


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