Survey Thursday

16 May

Survey Thursday–I  think it has a nice ring to it! We found this one on Ms. Miranda’s blog. Enjoy 🙂

A is for Age: We are both (obviously) 20 years old. 4 months until our 21st bday! (You can bet we are excited for that!)

B is for Breakfast: (Hanna): Mom’s granola and TJ’s vanilla yogurt! (Haley): TJ’s instant oatmeal!



C is for Current Craving: (Hanna): Chocolate milk! I have no idea why but it just sounds good! (Haley): peanut butter.

D is for Dinner Tonight: (Hanna): Probably a salad? I have a late night meeting so it will have to be something I can grab and go with. (Haley): salad at the dining hall.

E is for Favorite Type of Exercise: (Hanna): I really wish I could say running, but for now I am going to have to go with POP Pilates! Check out our YouTube channel for our favorite POP Pilates workouts! (Haley): running, enough said.

F is for Irrational Fear: (Hanna): bees. (Haley): spiders. There was one in my closet yesterday! Ahh!

G is for Gross Food: (Hanna): brussel sprouts. I’m sorry guys! I know they are healthy but I just can’t do it! Comment below if you know how to make these gross vegetables taste good. (Haley): anything fried.

H is for Hometown: (both) Pacific Northwest is where its at!!! (Starbucks, Macklemore, Microsoft, Boeing, hipsters, rain, RAIN—what more could you ask for?)


I is for Something Important:
(Hanna): my sister. (Haley): my sister TOO

J is for Current Jam:  (Hanna): Alt J’s “Breezeblocks” has been stuck in my head for the past few days. (Haley): country music in general.

K is for Kids: Don’t have any! Wonder if we will have twins when we do end up having kids!

L is for Current Location: (Hanna): somewhere in Washington. (Haley): somewhere else in Washington. (Washington State that is..PNW baby!)

M is for the Most Recent Way you Spent Your Money: (Hanna): my planner! (Haley): my Garmin!!


N is for Something You Need: (Hanna):  Haley—but seriously! I miss my sister!  (Haley): my sanity back—can’t wait till school is out!

O is for Occupation: (Hanna): Marketing and Finance Double Major, but I am interested in Marketing Research or Public Relations! (Haley): Accounting and Finance Double Major, gettin’ my CPA.

P is for Pet Peeve: (Hanna): when people’s tags stick out of their clothes, or the clasp of their necklace isn’t at the back of their neck. (Haley): people who give up and don’t try their hardest.

Q is for Quote: (Hanna): “be better than you were yesterday.” (Haley): “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

R is for Random Fact About You: (Hanna): I have scoliosis (which means my spine is crooked) and I had to wear a brace for two years!). (Haley): I am super good at multitasking.

The brace looked a little somethin’ like this…


S is for Favorite Healthy Snack: (Hanna): almonds! (Haley): greek yogurt.

T is for Favorite Treat: (Hanna): chocolate! (Haley): dark chocolate!

U is for something that makes you Unique: (Hanna): my smile. (Haley): agreed, my smile.

first instagram

V is for Favorite Vegetable: (Hanna): roasted kale. (Haley): brussel sprouts.

W is for Workout: (Hanna): I went on a 5 mile walk/jog (which included lots of hills). (Haley): Interval runs on the track!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: (both): too many to count!

Y is for Yesterday’s Highlight: (Hanna): My dad brought Cupcake Royale home!  (Haley): my run!


Z is for Time Zone: Pacific

Thanks for reading! 🙂

–The Twins


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