Haley’s Update

18 May

This is Haley, checking in on the blog!  I thought I would share a few pictures with you–this weekend is NOT going to be fun as I have two midterms next week (finance and accounting, eek!), but then I get to see my lovely sister over Memorial Day weekend.  We will be having some fun and will take lots of pictures 🙂

First we have my morning coffee–to say I am addicted is an understatement 😉 My goal this summer is to replace some of that coffee with water, because my body needs it!



Also, my (rather) messy desk and my huge textbooks.  It is not fun to carry around those huge books for classes, but they are useful to use as weights in a pinch for a dorm workout sesh!





Born to Run, my new favorite book.  A friend (who is running a half-marathon this summer!) recommended the book to me, and I loved it.  I am on my second-read though and I would highly recommend it.



In terms of workouts, my runs have been going quite well, but today wasn’t very good.  Friday is my “easy day” to prepare my legs for the Saturday “long run”, but my legs decided not to work very well today.  I think I might have gone too hard with my interval runs yesterday 😦  But I still plan on doing a nice long run tomorrow!
Have a great week everybody!




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