9 to 5

21 May

I made it! Day One of my internship is complete! I probably shouldn’t say what company it is for (for safety and all that jazz) but I can tell you that it is in the public relations field.

I absolutely loved it! The atmosphere, the people, the free snacks at all hours of the day….I can see this becoming a problem in the future.  At school I wasn’t much of a snacker, mostly because I was always doing something (class, work, studying) but when the afternoon hit today I knew I would be facing some temptations.  I settled for some trail mix (I can’t take pictures till I talk to my supervisor) and sparkling water.

Although today was filled with lots of fun and excitement, my favorite part was my bus ride home.  I started reading this great book called “Not Everyone Gets a Trophy.”



Technically this book is meant to train managers on how to deal with this new generation of young workers: “Generation Y” (my generation!). “Gen Yers” (we) are different.  We have access to SO much information and we demand so much from ourselves that older generations often find it hard to relate to (and ultimately manage) us in the workforce.  I wanted to read this book because I just find it fascinating how much we rely on technology EVERYDAY!  Technology defines our generation and although it makes us the most productive and informed people the world has ever seen, it also makes it hard for us to personally interact with people and make meaningful, lasting connections with them.

So here is my challenge to you: find some way to “unplug,” even just for a minute! See if you can break that constant need to be electronically connected. I know you can do it!



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