People Watching

24 May

I love people watching.



Ok, so maybe I don’t look that creepy when I people watch. I try to be more discreet 🙂

This morning’s bus ride to my internship had prime people watching conditions.  I decided it would be not appropriate to include pictures so you will have to use your imagination…

the compulsive packer: I watched an elderly woman carefully (and I mean carefully) fold her raincoat after she got on the  bus. Seriously? This is the Pacific Northwest! You’re gonna need that raincoat.
the cell phone user:  Oh, the cell phone user. I find these folks to be absolutely fascinating! Do you really think its a good idea to have a personal conversation with someone when everyone else on the bus can’t help but hear everything you are saying??
the lazys: My nickname for high school students who ride the bus to avoid walking a few blocks to school.  No wonder obesity is a growing epidemic!
the personal groomer: Now this one is gross.  I certainly understand the need to multitask, but sometimes multitasking can go too far…like the man who clipped his fingernails on the bus. eww.

It’s almost Friday! Enjoy your long weekend!



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