Sunday Morning Experiments

2 Jun

I started off this (weirdly) bright Sunday morning with an experiment. A protein pancake experiment to be exact.


I know a lot of healthy living bloggers out there have their own protein pancake recipes, but I think I’m partial to my random, thrown together “recipe” if you could even call it that!

Protein Pancakes!

1 egg
1 banana
a pinch of baking powder
a splash of vanilla extract
a handful of oats
somewhere between a 1/4 scoop and 1/2 scoop of soy vanilla protein powder (TJ’s, of course)

Mash together and cook 🙂 Quick. Easy. Delicious and my kind of breakfast!

This Weekend In Pictures


Fruit Infused Water


Spinach Salad with Cashews and Balsamic, Smoked Salmon
[Note to Self: Don’t microwave smoked salmon unless it is covered. Cleaning fish out of the microwave is not ideal.]

Watermelon. Lots and lots of delicious watermelon.


Eggs with Chicken and Veggies!

I spent a lot of yesterday indoors, organizing and such. I am planning on sharing a makeup organization tutorial with you ladies out there pretty soon, so be sure to check that out!

In the meantime, feel free to follow TwinEats on Twitter.  I hate to admit it, but I am super new to the Twittersphere. Anyone have any tips for us? 



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