What We’ve Been Eating Wednesday

5 Jun

As you know, Haley is still at school which means I am in charge of doing most of the posting here at TwinEats.  By the way, our little blog has been live for about 2ish weeks now! What do ya’ll think of it? We would love suggestions! Comment below or email us at twineats@gmail.com or tweet us or all of the above!

Here is what Haley and I have been eating this week (not everything, just the highlights):

I’m going to start out with my proudest achievement: microwave, make-your-own oatmeal! (I mentioned my relationship to oatmeal in this post)
Bright and early this mornin’ (this is pre-coffee you guys, which is why I consider this a great achievement) I did some experimenting:

CIMG3912Take a microwavable mug and fill with 1/2 cp. of oats and 1 cp. of water


Microwave long enough to give you time to run around the house and find your shoes, grab your bag, make some semblance of a lunch (or all three)

Add toppings (I chose almonds and sunflower seeds)


I also added some amazing, homemade, raspberry jam

And mix..

Bam. Done. Transfer to a paper cup (sorry environment!) for a quick, on the go breakfast option!

Now that you’ve been thoroughly schooled in the art of oatmeal making, here’s our other eats so far this week…






Comment below! What else do you want to hear about, learn about, read about? Also, btw thank you to our followers and readers! We really appreciate you guys 🙂 Keep on reading!


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