Just Two Goals

6 Jun

I love goal setting, New Year’s resolution making, grocery listing…basically anything that involves planning just throw it my way! Haley (who is in the midst of “dead week”) shot me a text after work with her TWO goals of the moment which I though would make for an awesome post.

Haley and I often tend to over plan (I think we get that from our mother), which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I do find that I am more likely to actually follow through with my plan if it is simple, straighforward, and short.  Enter: Haley’s Two Goals for the Week.

Goal #1: When you are hungry, drink lots of water before you have a snack.  This way, you will really be able to listen to your body and know how hungry you actually are rather than how hungry you think you are 🙂


CIMG3873H20 flavored with fresh fruit is the best!

Possible Snackage options:


Peanut Butter (or any nut butter)



Nuts (portion them out to prevent over snacking)

Goal #2: No eating after 8pm! Night snacking after a long day is inevitable but can be controlled.  Eating after 8am does not let you body full digest dinner which can equal restless sleep and (obviously) indigestion!


Chocolate is my vice (and Haley’s as well!).  One idea to keep yourself from overindulging is to brush your teeth 30 minutes after you eat.  Don’t do this sooner than that or the acid from you food will attack your enamel! (My dad is a dentist, so I know these things).  Brushing your teeth can prevent you from eating late into the night 🙂

What are your current health goals? How do you stay on track and measure your success?


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