Sunday Silence

9 Jun

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and in an exercise mood! So, I decided to take advantage of this rare occasion and go for a run. Well, at least a run was the intention…

CIMG3972(pre-run energy! Running in the PNW requires a long sleeve shirt AND a hoodie–even in the summer)

Once I realized how terribly out of shape I am, this “run” turned into a power walk.  (Running in my neighborhood involves scaling lots and lots of hills making running hard on the knees).  I know my power walks will be short lived.  When Haley gets home (5 days!! I am so excited!) I am really going to have to kick it into gear to keep up with her! Running machine that girl is!

I wasn’t able to track my mileage because my ipod died, but I would guess upwards of 4 miles.  Not bad, right? 😉 This is one of the first times I’ve run/exercised without music! The gym at my school (where I usually workout during the school year) always has music playing in the background, and I often have Pandora streaming in the background when I do at home workouts.  The silence was actually refreshing! Granted, instead of passing the time with music,  I got to hear the lovely noise of cars rushing by, but it was a nice change!

I was absolutely famished when I got back.  Before my run, I whipped up a protein pancake (I am totally stuck on those!) Excuse the horrible picture…the lighting in our kitchen+the gross flash on my camera don’t create the best shots.


(complete with sprinkles and almond butter)

For the past 2 weeks my mom has been trying out a diet that eliminates caffeine (the horror!), so I have tried to be supportive and wait until I get to work to get my cup of joe.  However, my parents are gone for  the weekend, leaving me free to drink coffee whenever it pleases me!

On my run I passed a few coffee shops which got me thinking about how nice a latte would taste. And so, in true “poor college student fashion”, I decided to make my own…

1. Start with STRONG coffee, and I mean strong.

CIMG39752. Heat some milk (either in a frother or the microwave)


3. Serve and enjoy


See? Just like Starbucks.  Actually, better than Starbucks 🙂

Check back tomorrow for an AWESOME (and I mean awesome) Apple Oatmeal Muffin recipe! Can’t wait? Check out our newly updated eats” page!

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