Pinterest Inspired Tuesday: Fitness Jewelry

11 Jun

Haley and I are HORRIBLE secret keepers–keeping secrets from each other I mean.  We cannot surprise each other with gifts–it just doesn’t work. Freshman year I bought Haley and I matching TOMs for our birthday like 2 months in advance.  She knew what she was getting like an hour after I bought them.  We have gotten very good at being “fake surprised” to fool our parents into thinking we had no idea 🙂

Nowadays, I always think of good gift ideas for Haley and immediately share them with her because I know that keeping it a secret just will never happen. A few days ago I told her I had come across a potential present (WE ARE TURNING 21 IN SEPTEMBER! HELLO ADULTHOOD!) but I never actually got around to telling her yet! So, I thought I would continue our tradition of secret breaking by sharing my present idea on our blog!

The other day, I was on Pinterest and came across…exercise jewelry! Sounds weird, but I love the idea. My workouts are a lot stronger when I feel motivated and motivational bracelets may be just what I need to stay motivated this summer!

Here are a few of my favorites:

by: Endorphin Warrior 



via Etsy


By: I Declare!

What do you think of fitness jewelry? Yes or No?


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