Healthy Ice Cream

12 Jun

Healthy. Ice Cream. Two words you don’t expect to see right next to each other, am I right? So I’m going to change that 🙂 I think it is possible to eat ice cream without any shame!

I’m sure a few of our readers at least know of POP Pilates. If not, click on the link now! Cassie Ho (founder of Blogilates/POP Pilates) is absolutely amazing.  Her workouts are so fun!

Anyway…this weekend I was looking for something sweet after dinner (as always! I need to break that habit!).  I came across this recipe for “Easy Two Ingredient Ice Cream.”  Of course I was sold!

You ready? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…this stuff is addicting!


Easy, Healthy Ice Cream
(recipe by Cassie Ho of Blogilates)

1 banana (frozen into mini coins)
1 scoop nut butter

Blend until ice cream consistency (add almond milk if necessary)

Trial #1: Saturday Night

I have a love-hate relationship with the blender.  It is terribly hard to put together and take apart and it just has trouble breaking up frozen fruit (which is not good seeing as this recipe consists of just frozen fruit and nut butter!).  Five minutes later, this…




Definitely NOT ice cream.  However, it was a very VERY good milkshake sans the milk.

Trial #2: Monday Night

Two days after Trial #1 I caved. I was craving ice cream. Confession: The only reason I didn’t also make it on Sunday was because I had frozen yogurt. Hey! You only live once.

I learned something from Trial #1: Don’t use the blender! I experimented with the hand blender this time…


Which resulted in….


A cross between a milkshake and ice cream consistency. Cassie can somehow get it thicker (more like ice cream) and I don’t know how! I guess I will have to keep trying 😉



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