Motivational Monday

17 Jun

Hey everyone!

It’s Monday and starting the week out by staying positive is key.  Motivating ourselves to follow through with daily exercise, eating healthy and maintaining a balance in our busy lives is very important.  To start this Monday off right, here is a motivational quote for you:

“Some succeed because they are destined to; most succeed because they are determined to” –Anatole France

Success for both of us means doing our BEST every day to reach our goals, challenge ourselves, and support each other.  Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we stray from “the plan” (don’t we all?), but this summer is a time for making things better, one step at a time.  We are creating a plan for a healthy lifestyle over the summer and soon we will share it with you—you should totally do this with us and update us on your progress just as we will!  Hanna is using the plan to get in shape and (hopefully) learn to love running and Haley is training for her first half marathon in September (so excited)!

 CIMG4023We were motivated today to run hard– 3 miles along the beautiful beach right by our house.  First, we fueled up some celery and our new obsession, PB 2–see this post about our love for peanut butter!


Oh hey there, peanut buttery goodness 🙂

The run was awesome! It was so encouraging to see so many other runners out there logging the miles.  Hanna pushed her limits today and didn’t stop running for the full run (so proud).  As we were running, we came across some people passing out these nifty bottles of coconut water out to everyone!  Apparently coconut water is the “new thing”, so we were both excited to try it out.  Free samples for the win!


It was awesome! So refreshing and the perfect recovery beverage for a perfect run 🙂 It is much more interesting than drinking regular water and there are additional restorative benefits in the drink–woo hoo!

Today is a crazy day with work and conferences and madness, so we are encouraging everyone (and ourselves) to stay positive and motivated throughout the day 🙂

Do you like coconut water?

How do you stay motivated?




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