What We Ate Wednesday

26 Jun

Hello from your favorite duo!

It’s Wednesday, and that means another rendition of yummy eats!  Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting!

Our mission to create a healthy lifestyle starts with a eating clean, and maintaining a good diet is super important.  This week, here are some highlights from our meals:


BREAKFAST TIME!  Our obsession with oatmeal for the am meal will never end, in fact, check out our ode to oatmeal here.   With endless topping options, this breakfast keeps us both full through the morning!  Our favorite combos include a splash of almond milk and a scoop of mom’s raspberry jam, or a bit of greek yogurt.


Snacks:  We love snacks!  A (rather awkward) picture of carrots 🙂  Snacking on healthy veggies throughout the day is the best way to stay full and focused, and away from sugary foods that lead to an afternoon crash later 😦  Not good!


Lunchtime on the go!  Packing our lunches for work is something we do the night before, to make for an easy morning as we have to get up and leave so darn early!  Today’s lunch featured cold chicken (our favorite protein source), edemame beans (frozen and cooked, courtesy of TJ’s) and rice.  Yummmmm!!


Soup for Dinner! Potatoes, carrots, onions, meat and a delicious broth all made an appearance to the party, making this the perfect ending to a hard day at work 🙂

What did you eat today?

–The Twins


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