Terrific 21: Week 3

1 Jul

Hello All!

It’s week 3 of the Terrific 21 plan!  If you haven’t jumped on the healthy living train with us yet, check out here and here.  This week will be crazy busy with work, the fourth of July festivities, and having family in town, so bear with us and our posting–we will try our very best!

Now onto scheduled content…this week’s plan!  This week, we have some major goals that we want to hit, no matter what, and we want to support you too!

Terrific 21 Plan

1.  Hydration is at the top of our list!  Not only is it important for keeping up energy and sustaining our bodies during workouts, but it has been INSANELY, and we mean out-of-the-ordinary INSANELY hot this past week in the PNW.  Skipping out on the H2O is just asking for dehydration and a cranky set of twins 🙂

2.  Staying active.  Yes, the heat becomes the perfect excuse to want to skip a workout.  This week, we want to be UNSTOPPABLE in the workout department.  Whether this means getting those runs in extra early, or waiting until cooler and later afternoon temperatures to go outside, we will do whatever it takes to keep that cardio coming!  Are you with us?

3.  Learn from your mistakes.  We anticipate some treats and not-so-healthy eating come fourth of July and the weekend.  But you know what?  That’s ok?  Everything in moderation.  If we “mess up” or don’t go “according to plan” its not terrible and the world won’t end.  We are just going to focus on enjoying our time with family and doing what we can to stay healthy.

Here’s to an awesome week!  Let us know in the comments what YOU will be doing to follow our plan, so we can support you in your healthy living  journey!

Also, side note from this weekend…Haley got Gu and Honey Stinger at REI!  Can’t wait to try them out during long runs 🙂

CIMG2324 CIMG2325

The wonderful people at REI recommended these products as appropriate training/race day running fuel.  While the gooey ones don’t sound as appetizing to me (Haley speaking here), the chews are just like gummy bears!


2 Responses to “Terrific 21: Week 3”

  1. Aurora July 1, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

    Let me know how those are! I got Cliff goo. It was like eating chocolate syrup which was a little weird in the middle of a run…but what are you gonna do? Haha. My week goals are to stick to a reasonable meal and workout plan.Good luck with yours!

    • twineats July 3, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

      I like the consistency of the the chew better, but I need to have a few goos so I can practice what’s on the course! I LOVE the honey stinger! They are organic, so I think a little better for you than the Gu or other brands. The endurance athlete at REI was telling me when I got them that those were her fav and I totally agree. I’m going to try them out during my long run on Sunday (5 miles, ahh!) and I will let you know how it goes 🙂

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