Tuesday: Ten Things Part One

2 Jul

Goodmorning, readers of twineats!

Today, we’re mixing it up with a little post about ten things that we love.  We saw this idea on Molly’s blog and just had to create our own spin off for twineats!  Here we go…

Currently we are loving:

1.  Our new obsession with online shopping.  A girl can dream, right?  After finding this website and this website, we are convinced that our paychecks need to go to a new wardrobe instead of our college educations 😉  We are also in the process of shopping for iphone cases, as we get new phones for our birthday!  Tell us in the comments about your favorite places to get cases (rhyme intended).

2.  Kale!


This is by far our new favorite veggie.  As a dark leafy green, kale is loaded with lots of minerals and vitamins and is totally yummy.  To make it in true “twineats” fashion, roast in the oven with garlic and olive oil until the kale is like a chip.  Enjoy!

3.    Our social media properties:  In Hanna PR/intern speak, that’s a fancy term for how you portray yourself online.  We love learning how to manage our twitter, pinterest and you tube channels, to help grow our blog!

4.  Puppy cuddles!


We had the chance to cuddle with this cutie this past weekend.  Puppy cuddles make everything better, don’t you agree?  While we don’t have a dog of our own, we take advantage of any chance we get to see other people’s dogs.  Animals are the best!

5.  Training!

why i run 2

Every early morning wake up call, mile after mile, and coaching Hanna is all leading up to achieving a milestone.  3 months to go!

We still have 5 more “things we love” to tell you, so check back tomorrow!

–The Twins


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