Ten Things: Part Two

3 Jul

It’s Wednesday!  And for many of us, that means Friday because tomorrow is the 4th!

Today we are finishing off the “Ten Things We Love” post, with the final five items.  Thanks to Molly for this idea!  If you didn’t catch the first five, check it out here before you read on.

Now onto what we are loving…

6.  Time with family.  Even though our work schedule is hectic (hey, we’re practicing for post-graduation!) what little time we have with family is quality time for sure.  Our plans for the fourth include training runs, going to the annual parade and making some good food–everyone in our household is a great cook!

7.  PB2


It is common knowledge that this set of twins is OBSESSED with peanut butter, and our love affair with pb2 continues to this day.  If you have not yet jumped on the pb2 bandwagon, please do 🙂

8.  Healthy Eats!


This is our yummy alternative to ice cream.  Made with frozen bananas, this treat is a no-guilt indulgence that we take part in 🙂  Check out our Eats page for more yummy recipes!

9.  Almond Milk


Move over, skim milk!  Almond milk is our new favorite form of “moo juice”.  While we aren’t lactose intolerant, we still enjoy the taste  of almond milk over cow milk.  This new dark chocolate variety is so delish!

10.  We save the best for last…with our Terrific 21 Healthy Living Plan!  This is the new buzzword on our blog, and if you have been following our journey here for a while, you know about our fitness goals.  Join us in our journey by checking out our intro page here.

Check back later for our reflections on the Fourth of July and the weekend that follows!

–The Twins


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