Tutorial Thursday…Resumes!

11 Jul

This morning’s post is a little different–today we are going to share with you about resumes!  While at first glance this may seem like a daunting subject, have no fear!  We have grown to love our resumes, and through our constant revisions (seriously, these things are always #underconstruction) we are both more confident about our abilities to put our best foot forward when reaching out to a potential employer.

Whether you are still in high school, in college or beyond, you need a resume that sets you apart if you want that dream summer job/internship/career.  Here are some pieces of advice that we would like to share as you are beginning or revising your ideal resume:

Untitled picture 1

(Here is a small portion taken from Haley’s resume)

1.  Make it stand out.  If you can’t read it, the recruiter or employer can’t either!  Your name should be in the largest font at the top, and below it should follow relevant and accurate contact information.  Your resume says “This is me!” before it says “This is what makes me the best for this job!”

2.  Focus your content.  The last thing a recruiter wants to read is form resume.  Set yourself apart by crafting resumes tailored for each job you are applying to.  Make sure that the experiences you highlight in the resume mesh well with what the specific company is looking for.  By looking at the job description and thinking about how you can make your skills “equal” their requirements, you will catch attention for sure!

3.  Take it online.  Sites like LinkedIn are a great way to build networks and connect with professionals.  Creating a strong profile could mean getting multiple job offers (it actually happens!), just by having an online presence that sets you apart.

4.  Be on the lookout for resources.  We are always looking for advice about how we can perfect our resumes.  Parents, peers and professionals can all be helpful at giving necessary feedback that will make your resume the best.  Also, check out this wonderful article from Levo League for more tips!

Question: Do you have a strong resume?  How are you setting yourself apart?

The Twins


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