Thursday Thoughts– Currently Survey

18 Jul

Happy Thursday!  Here’s our take on a “currently” survey that has been floating around the blogosphere

Current Books:


We have been using the local library to find books that we can flip through during our (very limited) free time.  We go for anything from health and fitness books (like above) to professional development/training books so we can prepare for our future careers.

Current Music:

Not gonna lie, we have a particularly random taste when it comes to music.  Haley likes country music, while Hanna tends towards more alternative tunes.  One of our new obsessions?

Current Nail Color:


Just plain nails for Haley 😦  There are some fun summer nail polish colors out there that we are both dying to experiment with, though!

Current Drink:


H20 for the win!  Especially with these hot summer days, we are both craving water like crazy.  Also, we are practicing carrying waterbottles during our long runs to help with hydration–it’s a little wierd to get used to, but totally worth it!

Current Wish List:


Hanna is soon going to join Haley and purchase a Garmin to track her running!  Garmin just came out with a purple Forerunner 10–so cute!

Current Excitement:


Anticipating the half marathon in September!  Above is Haley’s inspiration board, complete with training plan, Monday strength exercises and agilities (that she am supposed to be doing, but is not–*Haley’s note:  I am going to try harder at this!)

What are you doing currently?  Let us know in the comments, and participate in our survey!

–The Twins


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