Photo Friday and Kitchen Experiments

26 Jul

We made it to Friday! Woo hoo! We’re keeping this post nice and short for you guys today.

Last night we were totally craving dessert, as ALWAYS. So we decided to do a little experimenting in the kitchen. Verdict? Bad idea.

Earlier in the summer we played around with the idea of making a single serving mug cake and it worked out..ok. Here’s the recipe we used. But, with us both tired from a long day of work we decided to wing it. As in no recipe this time.

Into the mix went:

–3 tbs flour

–1ish tbs sugar

–1ish tbs milk

–a little more than a dash of vanilla

–about 1/2 an apple

After 2 minutes in the microwave, this….

20130725-201641.jpgbecame this…



It was all around gross. The texture was off seeing as we didn’t add any fat (oil, butter) and we probably should have added a little baking powder. Also, Hanna was a little heavy-handed with the vanilla. But you know what? Live in learn is what we always say 🙂

We are starting to get better at taking photos, so expect to see more on our blog!



Eats this week included some salads and a few (not pictured) treats. Hey, its summer! Live and learn 😉





What are you up to this weekend?


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