Terrific 21: That Was So Not On Our Diet

29 Jul

Hello Friends!

Seems like forever since we last spoke. Ok, so two days in the real world is nothing. Two days in the blog world? ETERNITY. We blame a busy weekend 🙂

Here’s what we’ve been up to:


First baseball game of the season! Woo! It was a toasty 80 degrees here and we were in the sun for 3 full hours. #sunburn

And, because it was a family outing, we had to get a treat!



Dick’s is a Washington mainstay! Hamburgers, fries, a milkshake? That was so NOT on our diet! But it was a perfect end to a ball game.

Fun Fact: Macklemore just filmed one of his new videos at Dick’s the other day. Check out this article!

On to Terrific 21…

2013-07-27 09.19.17

FIrst of all, have we said how incredibly excited we are to finally turn 21? We can’t wait to make it to this next stage in life.  And creating a healthy lifestyle is the best birthday gift we could ask for.  Hanna only has two weeks left until she heads back (eek!) but she has seen some progress.  All we can do is get better, right?

This week, we are focused on eating right, keeping our workouts focused and strong, and staying positive along the way.  Are you with us?  Let us know in the comments below how YOU are going to be healthy this week!

–The Twins


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