What We Ate Wednesday

31 Jul

Howdy, all!  It’s Wednesday, and that means another edition of WWAW from your favorite twins 🙂  Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting!

This week, we had lots of leftovers on the menu!  Usually at our house, dinner one night means leftovers for lunch the next day!  This makes for an easy lunch on the crazy busy work days.  Here’s a look at some of our delicious eats from this week:

2013-07-30 18.27.37

Vermicelli Pasta!  That’s Italian for delicious (just kidding) and is a favorite around our house.  We got the recipe from Pasta & Co, a local eatery that specializes in pasta salads and everything Italian.

2013-07-30 18.27.48

Pesto!  This is turning into a pasta filled week for us.  Luckily, we all enjoy whole wheat pasta and usually pasta is a side, not the whole focus of our meal–we have to get some veggies in there too!  For those of you who are looking at the picture and are thinking, “Ick, it’s green!”, the green color comes from basil–so delicious!

2013-07-30 18.28.04

Don’t you hate it when your bananas go bad on you quickly?  These two look like they may be retired soon into a smoothie.  We really don’t like mushy bananas, but in smoothies they are perfect.  Apparently there is a quick fix for keeping your bananas ripe longer–saran wrap around the stem!  What do you think about that?

Overall, we have had a pretty healthy week, in terms of our food choices.  After our weekend of not-so-good-for-you food, it feels good to detox and get back on the healthy eating train!

What did you eat today? 

–The Twins


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