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Weekend Update: Move in Time!

31 Aug

It’s Haley, back with an update on my action-packed weekend!

This morning, I went on a hilly 6 mile run and the training plan has me running a 10 mile long run on Sunday!  It’s already safe to say that I’ve caught the running bug, so I’m looking to a very satisfying (but also challenging) weekend of running 🙂  I will be travelling this weekend, so I am all prepared for my weekend workouts away from home:

2013-08-31 11.04.25

Confession time:  My running gear always has to be packed in a separate bag when I travel (the pink striped one) because 1. I have so much and 2. It’s so smelly.   I always bring gels, my running shoes, socks, shorts, different shirt options and sports bras (after forgetting my sports bra one time while travelling I NEVER forget).  I’m rather high maintenance if you can’t already tell 😉

This week, I had some yummy eats that I would like to share with you.  Seriously, you must try to recreate these easy and delicious meals!

2013-08-28 14.58.51

My favorite lunch of the week: Spinach Salad!  The salad has spinach, chicken, oil and balsamic for dressing, and an (super overripe, hence the gross color) avocado!  I LOVE avocados, and now I’m trying to get Hanna to like them too.  Healthy fats + Deliciousness = Perfect.  Yes, I forgot a fork, so I ate my salad with a spoon #sorrynotsorry

2013-08-28 17.28.34

Snacktime!  Melted smoked gouda cheese on whole wheat bread, topped with a tomato/onion/cilantro salsa.  Yum!

Enjoy your weekend!  We will be back next week with more TwinEats fun we will soon be reunited for a Birthday-Week celebration!  More exciting posts to come 🙂



How To: Blog Media Kit

29 Aug

A few short months ago we started our little blog with one focus: our eats. Realistically, you only spend a few hours of everyday eating, so in an attempt to keep this blog accurate, we plan on spending more time talking about our lifestyle (which encompasses food, fitness, and everyday life). We are both majoring in business (Haley is going to be a rock star in advisory (a branch of accounting) and Hanna wants to break into the crazy world of PR).

Recently, we decided it might be fun to build our blog “brand” by creating a media kit. Now, this doesn’t mean we plan on having annoying ads or anything like that, but at the very least it will give us the opportunity to grow our readership!

This past weekend we put our heads together (263 miles away from eachother) to create this masterpiece:

Media Kit Photo

You can also see it on our contact us page if you so wish.

What do you think? If you are interested in making your own media kit, definitely check out these awesome resources:

Do you have a media kit? If so, post a link to it in the comments section below!

–The Twins

Half Marathon Training Update

27 Aug

Happy Tuesday!  It’s Haley, here to give an update on my Half Marathon Training!  The race is about a month away, but I am already getting excited 🙂  Training has been tough, but after logging mile after mile and taking care of my body, I am certain that I have become a better runner!

 2013-08-26 08.16.42

I went shopping a few days ago and I found some really neat athletic wear.  That’s usually what happens when I shop for clothing–I head out with a specific list, and come back with just workout clothes 🙂  I found these adorable compression-type shorts that are so comfortable and cute!

2013-08-26 08.17.06

I have been using a golf ball to roll out my feet after long runs (a true lifesaver!) and using my foam roller too.  This week’s training schedule has me increasing my mileage up to 10 miles for my long run on Sunday–how exciting!  Here’s a look at my running schedule for the week:

Monday:  Strength training & Pilates
Tuesday:  5 Mile Run
Wednesday:  3 Mile Run
Thursday:  5 Mile Run
Friday:  Rest or Easy Run
Saturday:  6 Mile Run
Sunday:  10 Mile Long Run

This is going to be a great week of training, I can already tell!  How are you staying active this week?  Are you training for anything?

–The Twins

Quick. Fast. Easy.

26 Aug

This week I’ve given myself a crash course in cooking. Quick, fast and easy cooking that is. Fellow college students, you know my pain! When there is so little time left in the day to worry about cooking your own meals, you may often find yourself reaching for a Cup of Noodles or instant mac-and-cheese. For the record, I have not touched either this year and do not intend to!

Enter: Near East boxed rice/quiona/couscous/any other grain you can think of. The lifesaver you never knew existed UNTIL NOW!

2013-08-24 17.07.19

Follow the simple directions on the back of the box…

2013-08-24 17.16.22

2013-08-24 17.16.34

25 minutes later, out comes fully cooked long-grain, wild rice!

2013-08-24 17.44.14

This time, I chose to pair my rice with chicken and veggies I made earlier in the week. Who says college kids can’t cook gourmet? #keepingitclassy

2013-08-24 17.47.48

Quick. Fast. Easy. That’s my kind of food!

Off to start the first day of the semester! Wish me luck!

–The Twins

What A Weekend!

24 Aug

Hey everyone!

We hope that you are enjoying your weekend!  With Hanna is starting school tomorrow, I (Haley) am checking in with a weekend update!

For me, this weekend included dog/house sitting, getting LOTS of planning done (I’m now officially back in “school mode”) and of course my half marathon training runs!  Hanna took some time to help create a running playlist for me, which included lots of Luke Bryan and Ben Rector.  Having the perfect playlist makes a long run much less boring!  I’ve been making sure to use my foam roller after runs for my calves and IT bands and also rolling my feet out with a golf ball.  I’ve heard some good things about these compression sleeves–all you runners out there, what do you think?  Should I go for it?

2013-08-08 20.29.59

For today’s 9 mile run, I tried this gel.  I am starting to like the gels over the chews on my runs–I think the fuel gets through my body faster, so I can keep on going!

2013-08-23 14.07.22

I also have to tackle organizing my apartment stuff so that I am all ready for moving in!  Round one of move in is NEXT WEEKEND!  I can’t believe that the summer has gone by so quickly!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

–The Twins

Welcome To My Safe Haven

23 Aug

Year 3 of my college experience, HERE WE GO! To be honest, I am not quite ready for classes to start back up again. I still have the weekend to live it up before homework, studying, and late nights become my life. However, I am so excited to be living with 3 lovely ladies who have made my first days back absolutely amazing.

I thought I would take you all on a quick tour of my room. And by quick, I mean the 15 seconds Instagram gives you 🙂 Have you all tried Instagram video yet? Thoughts?

Did the lady readers notice my pink makeup “station”? Yeah, that is definitely my favorite part of my room. For my  first two years of school, I lived in an infinitely small room, which made spreading out IMPOSSIBLE. Now that I’ve got more space, I can definitely embrace my girly side. Check back next week for a tutorial on how to make your own makeup station.

Happy Friday!

–The Twins

Wednesday Eats: First Meal

21 Aug

Hey TwinEats Readers! Hanna here!

Wednesday posts are going to be a little different around here. Instead of trying to remember to snap photos of our food for “What I Ate Wednesday,” we’re honing in on our favorite (or most memorable) eats of the week!

Expect to see some weird choices in the next few weeks.  As you know, I am on my own now (back down at school) which means if I want to eat, I have to cook it.

My first meal in my new house: Raisin Bran!

2013-08-18 09.16.37


I unfortunately made some pretty nasty oatmeal for breakfast yesterday. Didn’t think it was possible to mess up oatmeal? THINK AGAIN! It was much too embarrassing to snap a photo, but let’s just say that steel cut oats, bran flakes, peanut butter and mangos are not good together. 🙂

Lately, I’ve also been obsessed with drinking steamed milk for an after dinner treat (topped with a little nutmeg of course!). Puts me right to sleep.
2013-08-19 20.22.59

Any tricks for making oatmeal actually taste good? I’m strugglin’!

–The Twins