New Things for TwinEats and Let’s Workout!

20 Aug

Hey Everyone!

What a weekend we had!  Hanna is all settled at school and we made some exciting new changes to the blog!  There is nothing going on with the format or logo yet (that is to come), but we have settled on a plan about how we can create quality, interesting posts for our lovely readers (YOU!) to enjoy.  We came up with a schedule that will highlight what we think makes up healthy living, which is what we are all about.  On a weekly basis, expect to see workout highlights, food ideas, professional tips, a feature or two and a weekly round up to end the week right!

Today (aka Tuesday), its all about fitness!

2013-08-18 08.22.49

NEW SHOES!  Nothing makes us more excited than new running shoes, right?  Haley’s shoes are shown above, but Hanna got some really cute Asics too! #asicslove

2013-08-18 08.23.14

This weekend, I (Haley) had a great 10k run along the beach!  There were so many runners, which was very encouraging when I was getting tired.  My half marathon training is really ramping up–my long run is 9 miles this upcoming weekend!  I have a question for all you runners out there too–when I get close to the end of my long runs, my toes go numb and start to intensely hurt (as in, I-want-to-cut-my-foot-off-kind-of-hurt!).  Is it just fatigue?  Let me know in the comments below if you have had any experience dealing with foot issues 🙂

This week, the goal is to work on core work.  Some of my favorite core workouts include this one from Kenzie, and this one from Blogilates!

Enjoy your Tuesday and let us know how you are staying active today!


One Response to “New Things for TwinEats and Let’s Workout!”

  1. Aurora August 21, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

    I have the same problem! Is it your index toes? That’s where mine is. Warning-it sucks and is only going to get worse. And it’s not good. I went to a foot doctor, and he said the impact of running causes inflammation which then irritates the nerve. He recommended inserts for my shoes that have tabs that can removed near the problem area to take some of the pressure off. They helped me some (the pain didn’t come until mile 5 or 6 during my half) but they are definitely not the solution totally for me, although I might remove more of the tabs and see what happens. The problem is at least for me, the more I hurt it, the more it hurts and the quicker it becomes a problem in my runs (it used to be only after 3 miles, but by the end of my training it started at mile1). I also hurt my calf and was almost not able to race because I basically limped through my 12 mile run due to foot pain. And 2.5 weeks after my half, part of my toe is still numb…which kind of concerns me; the half was super hard on it and I guess messed it up pretty badly!
    Sorry for the long comment-good luck!

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