Half Marathon Training Update

27 Aug

Happy Tuesday!  It’s Haley, here to give an update on my Half Marathon Training!  The race is about a month away, but I am already getting excited 🙂  Training has been tough, but after logging mile after mile and taking care of my body, I am certain that I have become a better runner!

 2013-08-26 08.16.42

I went shopping a few days ago and I found some really neat athletic wear.  That’s usually what happens when I shop for clothing–I head out with a specific list, and come back with just workout clothes 🙂  I found these adorable compression-type shorts that are so comfortable and cute!

2013-08-26 08.17.06

I have been using a golf ball to roll out my feet after long runs (a true lifesaver!) and using my foam roller too.  This week’s training schedule has me increasing my mileage up to 10 miles for my long run on Sunday–how exciting!  Here’s a look at my running schedule for the week:

Monday:  Strength training & Pilates
Tuesday:  5 Mile Run
Wednesday:  3 Mile Run
Thursday:  5 Mile Run
Friday:  Rest or Easy Run
Saturday:  6 Mile Run
Sunday:  10 Mile Long Run

This is going to be a great week of training, I can already tell!  How are you staying active this week?  Are you training for anything?

–The Twins


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