How To: Blog Media Kit

29 Aug

A few short months ago we started our little blog with one focus: our eats. Realistically, you only spend a few hours of everyday eating, so in an attempt to keep this blog accurate, we plan on spending more time talking about our lifestyle (which encompasses food, fitness, and everyday life). We are both majoring in business (Haley is going to be a rock star in advisory (a branch of accounting) and Hanna wants to break into the crazy world of PR).

Recently, we decided it might be fun to build our blog “brand” by creating a media kit. Now, this doesn’t mean we plan on having annoying ads or anything like that, but at the very least it will give us the opportunity to grow our readership!

This past weekend we put our heads together (263 miles away from eachother) to create this masterpiece:

Media Kit Photo

You can also see it on our contact us page if you so wish.

What do you think? If you are interested in making your own media kit, definitely check out these awesome resources:

Do you have a media kit? If so, post a link to it in the comments section below!

–The Twins


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