Come Run with Me!

3 Sep

How are you?  I am still super pumped about my running achievement from this past weekend–10 MILES!!  Hanna is gonna be running that distance with me in no time 🙂

2013-09-01 09.59.17

There you have it, my super creepy, no makeup, just worked out face.  I was so happy after I finished that I had to document the moment.  For me, 10 miles was a challenge, but a good one, because I’m only a 5k away from completing a half marathon–very doable in my opinion!  My thoughts on the experience?  I thought it was fun (yes, I’m a little bit crazy, but now I am in love with long distance runs).  Come run with me and experience my run for yourself:

Mile One:  I was ready to run!  I knocked out a 7:14 mile (my fastest mile time yet), and then paid for it later, but it was still a nice burst of positivity.

Mile Two:  Regretting my quick legs on mile one, I was a little sluggish and not yet “in my groove”.

Miles Three-Ten:  I went along at a pretty consistent pace, enjoyed the sights (I was running along the road, with farmland on either side), waved to the cows, and ate my Mountain Huckleberry Hammer Gel (yum!).  No knee or foot pain, just the normal fatigue that generally happens, so I was happy.  I had a surge of energy at the end and finished strong.

My total time for ten miles?  1 hour, 32 minutes.  I was really happy with my time, although I do need to get faster.  I am supposed to be training at a 9:20 or less per mile pace, but sometimes I am a bit slower, depending on how I am feeling.

This week, I am doing normal weekly mileage at home, but on Saturday I will be travelling to visit Hanna at school!  I can’t wait to experience running in new places 🙂

Did you run today?



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