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All About Arms

29 Oct

Hello all!

I don’t know about you, but I have been neglecting my arm workouts, like, big time.  I run and do abs (my favorite ab workout is Cassey’s Victoria Secret Abs video!) but I am slacking in doing weights on a regular basis.

2013-10-22 08.10.10

…which is why I am turning over a new leaf!  As the weather gets colder, I find myself gravitating towards the gym for my morning workouts, so that I can get my cardio in on either the bike or tredmill.  So now, I have started to add weights into my routine, which looks something like this:

*Note:  I use 7.5-10 lb free weights and then set the machines to usually between 40-60 lbs, depending on how I feel

First, I use the Lat Pull Down machine (My trouble area, and therefore my favorite machine to use!).

With the free weights, I lift for quantity and quality, not trying to push myself to use a 20 lb+ weight when I know I can’t lift it.

I also love planks!  Not only do they strengthen the core, but they also provide a great workout for the arms.

How do you build arm strength?



Lattes and Trader Joes Run.

27 Oct

Can we discuss how crazy this fog is??

2013-10-24 17.20.33

Campus has been incredibly foggy the past week, which is very out of the ordinary for the PNW.

This weekend has been a whirlwind of meetings, planning, and paper-writing, but I did take a moment to enjoy a latte from my favorite coffeeshop in town:

2013-10-25 11.12.07

2013-10-25 11.11.54

That, my friends, is skill 🙂

2013-10-25 09.11.45

A massive TJ’s run also happened, and thank goodness!  I bought kale, yogurt, almond milk (I have officially switched from not liking regular cow milk), fruit and lettuce.

Have a great Sunday!


This Week’s Eats

26 Oct

This week has been absolutely crazy! On top of not having a computer for the moment (long story), I’ve got midterms to deal with!

My eats this week have been kind of random, but I thought I would share them anyway.

Breakfast taco! (eggs, arugula, tortilla)


Housemate dinner featuring: tofu, kale chips and mushrooms (so healthy, so good!)


Leftover risotto (dressed up a bit)


And again! It was so good, and leftovers do not go to waste in this house!


What are you eating this week?

–The Twins

Fall Running Essentials

22 Oct

Hey Guys!

It’s crazy to think that we are already into the fall season.  It keeps getting colder every day, and I keep having to layer up on my morning runs so I don’t turn into an ice cube!  I thought I would share some of my running essentials and must-haves:

2013-10-19 17.05.20


Yes, that is pepper spray!  Since I run so early in the morning, I feel at ease carrying this with me when I run.  The grip works perfectly, so I can carry it in my left hand, and my water bottle in my right.

2013-10-19 17.06.04


Gloves!  Not thick I’m-going-snowboarding gloves, but a thin pair to keep your fingers from freezing.  I heat up very fast when I run, so I only use them for the first two miles or so of my runs, but it saves me from having cold fingers!  Target has the best pairs (even cute patterned ones) that are just the right thickness for runners–and so affordable!

2013-10-19 17.06.23


Headband for my ears!  Just like my fingers, my ears are freezing for the first little bit of my run.  My favorite brand of ear headbands are made by Columbia 🙂

How do you stay warm on your runs?

–The Twins

It’s the Weekend!

20 Oct

Hey Y’all!  How was your week?  The weather this week was super foggy for some weird reason, and we didn’t have that much rain up here–what’s happening, PNW?

2013-10-15 09.49.46


The highlight of my week had to be a (successful) experiment with my blender, which turned out to be the best breakfast ever!  I blended strawberries, protein powder, vanilla almond milk and water to create the perfect fuel before my 11am Yoga class.  Yes, I am taking Yoga this quarter and it is WONDERFUL!  I love having a stress relief in my day, and it also helps to stretch out my body (tight hammies and hips, I’m lookin at you!)

2013-10-15 17.53.03


I was obviously way too excited to eat this while I was trying to snap a photo 😉  This week has been all about lunch on the go–I usually throw together a salad, or a rice and bean combo and call it good.

My new running plan has been going great since I started it this week.  I haven’t been perfect (sleeping in sounds so much better when it’s dark and 30 degrees outside!) but I am getting in the groove.  Have you checked out my schedule?  What do you think of it?

Well, I am off to the library to work on a huge group project and study for midterms!


App Review: Charity Miles

19 Oct

I don’t know if you all could tell, but I (Hanna) haven’t updated y’all on my running progress. This summer, I made it my goal to support Haley in her half-marathon training and try to “catch the running bug.”

To be honest, I think I at least planted the seed. I wouldn’t say that I’ve quite developed a love for running, but I do thoroughly enjoy it. I feel like the only thing holding me back is my lack of free time. I know, I know. Excuses, excuses. Being a full time college student is hard work!

I’ve been back at school for just over 2 months now, and as I am starting to get into the groove of cooking for myself and doing everything else that living on your own requires, I think I’m ready to full commit to exercise again.

I am so glad I forked over the money to purchase a Garmin this summer. It is a great motivator, but I felt like I needed a little extra motivation. A few days ago, I downloaded the Charity Miles app.

Photo Oct 15, 10 29 35 PM

For every mile you log through the app, 25 cents will be donated to a charity of your choice (the app features charities that help people all over the world). How cool is that?

So far, I love it! My charity of choice?

She’s The First

Photo Oct 15, 10 29 59 PM

“She’s the First sponsors girls’ education in developing nations, giving them the chance to become the first in their families to graduate from secondary school.”

In other news, I am totally taking advantage of my last few days of Fall Break. And by taking advantage of, I mean….”borrowing” Haley’s clothes.

Photo Oct 14, 3 39 00 PM

Oh, I don’t think she’ll mind 🙂

–The Twins

Fall Break Eats

16 Oct

So, after a grueling week of midterms, I (Hanna) officially have a week free of classes! Of course, I had to come back home. Who wouldn’t want a week of not having to cook? clean?

Bottom line: Starting school way back in August was totally worth it!

Of course, I’m getting some work done while I’m home. Why don’t professors understand that a break from classes should mean A BREAK FROM HOMEWORK TOO??! It baffles me.

Anyway, I’m using this week to get back on the eating well track. Considering this is my first year living on my own, I’m doing pretty well. BUT I faltered a little this past week. Stress eating got the best of me. Oreos, I’m lookin’ at you.

Time to turn over a new leaf! Here’s what I’ve been eating this week:


Spinach and Marcona Almond Salad. So good!


Coffee is its own food group. Need I say more?


Bread salad (yes, it is a real thing)


More salad!

What have you been eating this week?