Fall Running Essentials

22 Oct

Hey Guys!

It’s crazy to think that we are already into the fall season.  It keeps getting colder every day, and I keep having to layer up on my morning runs so I don’t turn into an ice cube!  I thought I would share some of my running essentials and must-haves:

2013-10-19 17.05.20


Yes, that is pepper spray!  Since I run so early in the morning, I feel at ease carrying this with me when I run.  The grip works perfectly, so I can carry it in my left hand, and my water bottle in my right.

2013-10-19 17.06.04


Gloves!  Not thick I’m-going-snowboarding gloves, but a thin pair to keep your fingers from freezing.  I heat up very fast when I run, so I only use them for the first two miles or so of my runs, but it saves me from having cold fingers!  Target has the best pairs (even cute patterned ones) that are just the right thickness for runners–and so affordable!

2013-10-19 17.06.23


Headband for my ears!  Just like my fingers, my ears are freezing for the first little bit of my run.  My favorite brand of ear headbands are made by Columbia 🙂

How do you stay warm on your runs?

–The Twins


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