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Smoothie, Spin and A Great Weekend!

17 Nov

Hello Friends!

It’s been one of those weeks.  You know what I mean?  Late nights in the computer labs, group projects, papers–so much to do!  I am looking on the positive side of things though, as Thanksgiving Break is almost here!  I have decided to challenge Hanna and I with a Twin Turkey Trot on Turkey Day…more to come on what that means 😉

Here are some happy highlights from my week!

2013-11-15 09.26.15

The lovely remains of my post-workout juice!  I call it juice because I was sadly out of frozen fruit (and too lazy to freeze my bananas), so my smoothie was very thin but still amazing.  In the mix:

  • Water and Almond Milk (I love adding water to smoothies!)
  • Protein Powder
  • Chocolate Pb2—mmmmmmm!
  • Banana

Such a great combo!

2013-11-15 07.57.39

One of my favorite workouts of the week included 30 minutes on the treadmill, then 30 minutes on the bike (I was obviously moving in this picture…).  I also used the lat pull down par, free weights and a medicine ball doing Russian Twists to create an awesome workout!  Gym tip:   Never go to the gym on Mondays!  Literally all of campus decides to work off their weekend, so all of the machines are taken.  But by Friday, most of the gym has cleared out (sad, but true).

2013-11-15 09.10.50

Quality time with Mr. Foam Roller!  If you don’t have one already, I would suggest you invest–they are wonderful 🙂

2013-11-14 15.49.58

Off to tackle yet another essay 😦  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

–The Twins


Lattes and Trader Joes Run.

27 Oct

Can we discuss how crazy this fog is??

2013-10-24 17.20.33

Campus has been incredibly foggy the past week, which is very out of the ordinary for the PNW.

This weekend has been a whirlwind of meetings, planning, and paper-writing, but I did take a moment to enjoy a latte from my favorite coffeeshop in town:

2013-10-25 11.12.07

2013-10-25 11.11.54

That, my friends, is skill 🙂

2013-10-25 09.11.45

A massive TJ’s run also happened, and thank goodness!  I bought kale, yogurt, almond milk (I have officially switched from not liking regular cow milk), fruit and lettuce.

Have a great Sunday!


It’s the Weekend!

20 Oct

Hey Y’all!  How was your week?  The weather this week was super foggy for some weird reason, and we didn’t have that much rain up here–what’s happening, PNW?

2013-10-15 09.49.46


The highlight of my week had to be a (successful) experiment with my blender, which turned out to be the best breakfast ever!  I blended strawberries, protein powder, vanilla almond milk and water to create the perfect fuel before my 11am Yoga class.  Yes, I am taking Yoga this quarter and it is WONDERFUL!  I love having a stress relief in my day, and it also helps to stretch out my body (tight hammies and hips, I’m lookin at you!)

2013-10-15 17.53.03


I was obviously way too excited to eat this while I was trying to snap a photo 😉  This week has been all about lunch on the go–I usually throw together a salad, or a rice and bean combo and call it good.

My new running plan has been going great since I started it this week.  I haven’t been perfect (sleeping in sounds so much better when it’s dark and 30 degrees outside!) but I am getting in the groove.  Have you checked out my schedule?  What do you think of it?

Well, I am off to the library to work on a huge group project and study for midterms!


Weekend Recap!

7 Oct

Hey everyone!

How was your weekend?  I know my week has been crazy so I was looking forward to the weekend since Monday!  I am happy to report that I am fully recovered from my half marathon last Sunday.  I am so glad to have a new running route too!  I found out that my official race time was 2:06:44.  Not too shabby for my first half, and I even beat my goal time by 3 minutes!  Next time, the goal is to run a sub-2 🙂

My week was full of late nights doing homework, writing essays and preparing for internship interviews–junior year is quite hectic!  Here are some of the highlights:

2013-10-02 18.52.10

Taco Salad night!  I definitely ate over half of it before I remembered to take a picture 🙂

2013-10-03 15.37.28

My new favorite fall treat–Pumpkin Spice Via (pardon the blurry picture, not sure what happened!).  I heated vanilla almond milk in the microwave, then added a packet of the via to create a delicious treat reminiscent of the Pumpkin Spice Latte!

What did you do this weekend?

What We Ate Wednesday

26 Jun

Hello from your favorite duo!

It’s Wednesday, and that means another rendition of yummy eats!  Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting!

Our mission to create a healthy lifestyle starts with a eating clean, and maintaining a good diet is super important.  This week, here are some highlights from our meals:


BREAKFAST TIME!  Our obsession with oatmeal for the am meal will never end, in fact, check out our ode to oatmeal here.   With endless topping options, this breakfast keeps us both full through the morning!  Our favorite combos include a splash of almond milk and a scoop of mom’s raspberry jam, or a bit of greek yogurt.


Snacks:  We love snacks!  A (rather awkward) picture of carrots 🙂  Snacking on healthy veggies throughout the day is the best way to stay full and focused, and away from sugary foods that lead to an afternoon crash later 😦  Not good!


Lunchtime on the go!  Packing our lunches for work is something we do the night before, to make for an easy morning as we have to get up and leave so darn early!  Today’s lunch featured cold chicken (our favorite protein source), edemame beans (frozen and cooked, courtesy of TJ’s) and rice.  Yummmmm!!


Soup for Dinner! Potatoes, carrots, onions, meat and a delicious broth all made an appearance to the party, making this the perfect ending to a hard day at work 🙂

What did you eat today?

–The Twins

Healthy Ice Cream

12 Jun

Healthy. Ice Cream. Two words you don’t expect to see right next to each other, am I right? So I’m going to change that 🙂 I think it is possible to eat ice cream without any shame!

I’m sure a few of our readers at least know of POP Pilates. If not, click on the link now! Cassie Ho (founder of Blogilates/POP Pilates) is absolutely amazing.  Her workouts are so fun!

Anyway…this weekend I was looking for something sweet after dinner (as always! I need to break that habit!).  I came across this recipe for “Easy Two Ingredient Ice Cream.”  Of course I was sold!

You ready? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…this stuff is addicting!


Easy, Healthy Ice Cream
(recipe by Cassie Ho of Blogilates)

1 banana (frozen into mini coins)
1 scoop nut butter

Blend until ice cream consistency (add almond milk if necessary)

Trial #1: Saturday Night

I have a love-hate relationship with the blender.  It is terribly hard to put together and take apart and it just has trouble breaking up frozen fruit (which is not good seeing as this recipe consists of just frozen fruit and nut butter!).  Five minutes later, this…




Definitely NOT ice cream.  However, it was a very VERY good milkshake sans the milk.

Trial #2: Monday Night

Two days after Trial #1 I caved. I was craving ice cream. Confession: The only reason I didn’t also make it on Sunday was because I had frozen yogurt. Hey! You only live once.

I learned something from Trial #1: Don’t use the blender! I experimented with the hand blender this time…


Which resulted in….


A cross between a milkshake and ice cream consistency. Cassie can somehow get it thicker (more like ice cream) and I don’t know how! I guess I will have to keep trying 😉


What We’ve Been Eating Wednesday

5 Jun

As you know, Haley is still at school which means I am in charge of doing most of the posting here at TwinEats.  By the way, our little blog has been live for about 2ish weeks now! What do ya’ll think of it? We would love suggestions! Comment below or email us at twineats@gmail.com or tweet us or all of the above!

Here is what Haley and I have been eating this week (not everything, just the highlights):

I’m going to start out with my proudest achievement: microwave, make-your-own oatmeal! (I mentioned my relationship to oatmeal in this post)
Bright and early this mornin’ (this is pre-coffee you guys, which is why I consider this a great achievement) I did some experimenting:

CIMG3912Take a microwavable mug and fill with 1/2 cp. of oats and 1 cp. of water


Microwave long enough to give you time to run around the house and find your shoes, grab your bag, make some semblance of a lunch (or all three)

Add toppings (I chose almonds and sunflower seeds)


I also added some amazing, homemade, raspberry jam

And mix..

Bam. Done. Transfer to a paper cup (sorry environment!) for a quick, on the go breakfast option!

Now that you’ve been thoroughly schooled in the art of oatmeal making, here’s our other eats so far this week…






Comment below! What else do you want to hear about, learn about, read about? Also, btw thank you to our followers and readers! We really appreciate you guys 🙂 Keep on reading!