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Fitness Christmas List!

19 Nov

It’s official.  I am ready for Christmas!

Hot chocolate, cozy fires, taking a few relaxing weeks off of school….I can almost see it!  Only a few weeks stand in the way between us and break.  In the meantime, I have started thinking about my Christmas list, specifically, my dream fitness Christmas list.  Are you listening, Santa? 😉

brooks 2


I need more running tights!  It is getting way too cold to wear shorts outside (I come back from runs completely frozen!) and these tights are just perfect!



This Run Happy base layer is just too cute.  It’s pink.  It’s functional.  It’s cute.  I want.

brooks 3

I am looking for a headband to run in that actually holds my hair back (Hanna and I both have wild hair).  This one is so cute!

As you can see, I am on a Brooks kick right now.  Can I just have everything in the store, please?  I wish 🙂

What’s on your Christmas List?

–The Twins


Lovin’ Lululemon

6 Aug

Who else loves them some Lululemon? If you don’t already, you’ll be breaking your piggy bank after you finish reading this post.

Reason #1 to love Lulu: Functional

Energy Bra

Reason #2 to love Lulu: Cute!

Run: Pace-Setter Skirt*R

Although we’re not quite sure a running skirt would be the best idea…

Reason #3 to love Lulu: Just as “on-the-go” as you are

Loop It Up Mat Strap

Haley bought this Loop It Up Mat Strap this weekend and LOVES it. Also, Loop it Up…what a great name! Anyone else think its a good name or are we just crazy 🙂

Reason #4 to love Lulu: great colors=great accessories

Happy Hatha Hour Bag

Now if only it didn’t cost an arm and a leg…

Reason #5 to love Lulu: Free yoga and fitness classes taught locally. Enough said.


–The Twins

(All photos were originally found here. These are our own opinions, We were not compensated for this post 🙂 )

It’s Training Time!

21 Jun

It’s Friday!

Today, I (Haley) am going to talk about a very exciting subject: Half Marathon training.  For those of you lovely bloggers who are soon running half marathons, good luck.  Miranda and Aurora, you are going to do awesome!

13.1 miles is certainly a daunting task, but hopefully by race day (September 29th) I will be well prepared to bust out those miles 🙂  While I certainly can’t run like Kenzie can, I do still consider myself to be a runner!  This means having a solid training plan and carefully using nutrition and rest to fuel my body and build endurance.  When I was looking for plans to follow, I wanted to be sure that I had scheduled in adequate rest, so as to build up my mileage gradually.  After looking at Julie’s blog, I decided to go with the Hal Higdon Half Marathon, Novice 1.  You may find a link here.

What I like about this plan is that it is simple to follow, and isn’t just a ton of “junk miles”–mixing it up with cross training is the best!  As my race is more than 12 weeks away (the plan is 12 weeks) I am just repeating though week 1 to get my body accustomed to the sequences and schedule.

I also wanted to share what I wear when I am training/running:


My trusty spibelt and reflective gear!  Since I run so early in the morning, I like to make sure I am safe from passing cars and such, and my spibelt keeps my phone and keys in place.


I love running in shorts!  Sometimes I do wear cropped pants when the weather is bad, but usually I go with shorts.


Moisture wicking material is a must-have for long runs!  I love this pink top because pink is my favorite color!


Good socks are a must for me as well.  If my feet aren’t happy, I’m not happy!  And these socks make me very happy 🙂

I hope you are inspired to get out there and go running yourself!

Do you enjoy running?  What are your running goals?