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This Week’s Eats

26 Oct

This week has been absolutely crazy! On top of not having a computer for the moment (long story), I’ve got midterms to deal with!

My eats this week have been kind of random, but I thought I would share them anyway.

Breakfast taco! (eggs, arugula, tortilla)


Housemate dinner featuring: tofu, kale chips and mushrooms (so healthy, so good!)


Leftover risotto (dressed up a bit)


And again! It was so good, and leftovers do not go to waste in this house!


What are you eating this week?

–The Twins


Oregon Eats!

11 Sep

How is your Wednesday going? We are having a blast here in Oregon! Even though Hanna has school during the week, we are still having fun. By the way, if you didn’t know this yet, we ARE TURNING 21 IN TWO DAYS! We will share our birthday party decorations in a post for you soon–think cupcakes, cute signs and party hats!

Our eats this week consist of yummy homemade meals with the occasional treat when we are out and about. Check it out–we hope you are inspired!

But first, check this out:

2013-09-05 15.18.50

We definitely have an obsession with Nutella, but how could Costco go to such extremes? The nutella jar is as big as I am!! (No, we did not buy it!).

Now, on to our eats from this week!

2013-09-07 15.28.21

Garlic! One of our favorite ways to add flavor to our dishes. Garlic infused olive oil is perfect for cooking veggies for a quick stir fry!

2013-09-07 15.11.51

Kitchen prep at it’s finest! We bagged up carrot and mixed frozen veggies for quick meal prep later in the week.

2013-09-07 12.57.43

Frosting “shots”! We got these treats from our favorite cupcake bakery. Every girl deserves a treat once in a while, right? ūüôā

What did you eat today?

–The Twins

Sneaky, Healthy Tuesday Tips

25 Jun

Are you overworked, physically exhausted, even sleep deprived? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these, you probably feel like the last thing you want to do is exercise…or make an effort to eat healthy…or both!

Haley and I secretly love staying busy ALL the time (blame the type A personalities).


¬†The classic “Arg, We have so much to do!” look.

Anyway, point is that sometimes you just don’t have enough time in the day to get a full workout in. ¬†Long hours on the job also means your eating schedule may (severely) change. ¬†Eating lunch early one day but late the next can ultimately lead to major snacking! (#guilty. Aurora, that one was for you!)

Read on for our quick tips to lead a healthy lifestyle on a tight time budget:

1. Water is the New Soda


Reach for water instead of soda when you hit your afternoon slump (and believe me…it will happen!). ¬†Even though your body might be craving a deliciously bubbly and sugary encouragement to get through the afternoon the crash you will experience after is really not worth it. ¬†Not to mention the amount of sugar you take in from even just one 8oz cup. ¬†Our advice? STAY AWAY. Drink water instead. ¬†Your body will thank you.

2. Snack Right

Snacking is not a bad thing. Yes, we said it! As long as you are making healthy choices, snacking is perfectly acceptable. ¬†If you arn’t feeding your body with nutritional sources of energy throughout the day, you are more likely to binge when you eat your actual meals. (Hello self-serve M&M’s in the lounge!) Visit our eats¬†page for 100 calorie snack ideas!


¬†Pretzels and granola bars are great on-the-go options! Check out our eats¬†page for more ideas! ¬†Seriously, go do it..now. ūüôā

3. Portion Control

Haley and I love LOVE dessert (but who doesn’t though?!) Chocolate is a staple in our house, but we try to perfectly portion our sweet eats to eliminate chocolate binge eating (of which we have been severely guilty of in the past).


Last night, I portioned our a serving of chocolate chips and felt perfectly satisfied afterwords. ¬†Had I brought the whole bag into the living room with me…well that would be a different story ūüėČ

4. Exercise When (and Where) You Can

Haley and I both wake up early and get back home in the evening, which doesn’t leave much time for proper exercising. ¬†We realized that we are most motivated to work out¬†right before we go to bed. So, every evening we lay out our yoga mats and do this¬†crazy hard (and fast) ab workout. ¬†We blast a POP song and alphabet our way to flat abs.



 Awkward workout photos!

Let’s repeat, shall we?

1. Water, not soda
2. Snack right
3. portion control
4. Exercise when it works for you!

Happy Tuesday!

–The Twins

Terrific 21 Update

19 Jun

Happy Tuesday!

If you looked at our post yesterday, you saw our new commitment to a healthy lifestyle, in the form of our Terrific 21 Plan. ¬†If you haven’t checked it out, do it here! ¬†Today, we are expanding on the goals we mentioned yesterday, so YOU can see what our action plan is for this summer. ¬†If you would like to get fit with us, or just maintain your level of fitness now, join us in our journey and we will support you all along the way with this blog!

Our Goals, Defined:

Here are some things that we want to achieve this summer, with hard work and having our blogger friends (YOU) keep us accountable:


1. Hydrate!  Keeping hydrated and drinking fluids throughout the day not only helps with focus in general, but it is essential to performing well in our workouts.  After doing some research, we found that you need to drink about 16 oz of water about 2 hours before a workout, and after to replace lost fluids.  We are not very successful at this goal now, but working towards it involves filling up our tumblers every chance we get.


2. Eat when hungry, not when bored. ¬†This means no mindless snacking, munching or sneaking in the pantry (totally guilty) before lunch and dinner. ¬†Eating “just because” makes it hard to eat a full nutritious meal later. ¬†While snacks are important to keep the metabolism going and to keep energy levels up, we are going to work on listening to our bodies and eating when we really feel hungry.

3.  Lower stress levels.  With high stress jobs, starting a new commitment to working out and being type-A people in general, we both have (unnecessary) amounts of stress that we need to work on.  We both want to enjoy life and learn, which means not focusing on getting every detail perfect.  This goes hand-in-hand with having mistakes be learning opportunities.  Whether we mess up in the workplace, or fall off our plan for a day, each mistake is something that we can learn from and grow to be better people because of it.

why i run 2

4. ¬†No excuse is good enough. ¬†This is a harsh truth, but one that promotes dedication to our commitment. ¬†While injury is a different story (no working out when you are hurt!), there are many times in the past where we haven’t been active simply because we were too lazy and made excuses. ¬†Well, not anymore! ¬†This is our time (and yours) to take ownership for the promises you make to commit to a healthy lifestyle and give it all you can!

So, there you have it!  Our main goals are difficult, but we WILL achieve them, along with your support.  We will support you too as you follow us and read along about our fitness journey!

How are you participating in our Terrific 21 Plan?