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Happy Sunday!

3 Nov

Happy Sunday!

As you are reading this, I am currently preparing for an interview (eek!).  Here’s a quick look at everything that happened this week:

2013-10-30 07.32.54


Awkward pre-run picture!  Do you like my bright pink running shirt?  I love long sleeves for this chilly weather that’s upon us.

2013-10-29 17.21.31


Edename, one of my favorite veggies!  Protein packed and so quick to make.  Delicious!

2013-10-28 19.07.59


Ugh essay writing 😦  Not complete without…

2013-10-28 18.55.45



Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!  What did you do this week?


Lovin’ Lululemon

6 Aug

Who else loves them some Lululemon? If you don’t already, you’ll be breaking your piggy bank after you finish reading this post.

Reason #1 to love Lulu: Functional

Energy Bra

Reason #2 to love Lulu: Cute!

Run: Pace-Setter Skirt*R

Although we’re not quite sure a running skirt would be the best idea…

Reason #3 to love Lulu: Just as “on-the-go” as you are

Loop It Up Mat Strap

Haley bought this Loop It Up Mat Strap this weekend and LOVES it. Also, Loop it Up…what a great name! Anyone else think its a good name or are we just crazy 🙂

Reason #4 to love Lulu: great colors=great accessories

Happy Hatha Hour Bag

Now if only it didn’t cost an arm and a leg…

Reason #5 to love Lulu: Free yoga and fitness classes taught locally. Enough said.


–The Twins

(All photos were originally found here. These are our own opinions, We were not compensated for this post 🙂 )

Terrific 21 Week 5

15 Jul

Happy Monday!

It’s time for another Terrific 21 Update!

For us, this week is going to be all about getting back in the game.  We admit, this past week we’ve been a little lax on the workouts. We know we can do better!

Let’s take a look at our Terrific 21 goals shall we?

 Terrific 21 Plan

This week, we are all about positive thinking. This means no getting down on ourselves for missing a workout! We admit, our diet also went off the wayside this weekend 🙂 What is it about weekends and not eating so well? Does anyone else have that problem?



Monday: Active Rest

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: 2 miles

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: Active Rest

Saturday: 5 miles

Sunday: 6 miles


My full summer schedule is making it rather hard to keep up with Haley’s schedule so I’m trying something new this week. My goal is to workout from the time I get home in the evening until dinner time.  I find that if I make excuses and put off working out until after dinner it doesn’t usually end up happening.  Anyone else with me on that? 🙂

Anyway, this could mean working out 45 minutes one night, and 10 minutes the next.  I plan on really pushing myself this next week!

Pictures to come! Stick with us 🙂

–The Twins

Terrific 21: Week 3

1 Jul

Hello All!

It’s week 3 of the Terrific 21 plan!  If you haven’t jumped on the healthy living train with us yet, check out here and here.  This week will be crazy busy with work, the fourth of July festivities, and having family in town, so bear with us and our posting–we will try our very best!

Now onto scheduled content…this week’s plan!  This week, we have some major goals that we want to hit, no matter what, and we want to support you too!

Terrific 21 Plan

1.  Hydration is at the top of our list!  Not only is it important for keeping up energy and sustaining our bodies during workouts, but it has been INSANELY, and we mean out-of-the-ordinary INSANELY hot this past week in the PNW.  Skipping out on the H2O is just asking for dehydration and a cranky set of twins 🙂

2.  Staying active.  Yes, the heat becomes the perfect excuse to want to skip a workout.  This week, we want to be UNSTOPPABLE in the workout department.  Whether this means getting those runs in extra early, or waiting until cooler and later afternoon temperatures to go outside, we will do whatever it takes to keep that cardio coming!  Are you with us?

3.  Learn from your mistakes.  We anticipate some treats and not-so-healthy eating come fourth of July and the weekend.  But you know what?  That’s ok?  Everything in moderation.  If we “mess up” or don’t go “according to plan” its not terrible and the world won’t end.  We are just going to focus on enjoying our time with family and doing what we can to stay healthy.

Here’s to an awesome week!  Let us know in the comments what YOU will be doing to follow our plan, so we can support you in your healthy living  journey!

Also, side note from this weekend…Haley got Gu and Honey Stinger at REI!  Can’t wait to try them out during long runs 🙂

CIMG2324 CIMG2325

The wonderful people at REI recommended these products as appropriate training/race day running fuel.  While the gooey ones don’t sound as appetizing to me (Haley speaking here), the chews are just like gummy bears!

Sneaky, Healthy Tuesday Tips

25 Jun

Are you overworked, physically exhausted, even sleep deprived? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these, you probably feel like the last thing you want to do is exercise…or make an effort to eat healthy…or both!

Haley and I secretly love staying busy ALL the time (blame the type A personalities).


 The classic “Arg, We have so much to do!” look.

Anyway, point is that sometimes you just don’t have enough time in the day to get a full workout in.  Long hours on the job also means your eating schedule may (severely) change.  Eating lunch early one day but late the next can ultimately lead to major snacking! (#guilty. Aurora, that one was for you!)

Read on for our quick tips to lead a healthy lifestyle on a tight time budget:

1. Water is the New Soda


Reach for water instead of soda when you hit your afternoon slump (and believe me…it will happen!).  Even though your body might be craving a deliciously bubbly and sugary encouragement to get through the afternoon the crash you will experience after is really not worth it.  Not to mention the amount of sugar you take in from even just one 8oz cup.  Our advice? STAY AWAY. Drink water instead.  Your body will thank you.

2. Snack Right

Snacking is not a bad thing. Yes, we said it! As long as you are making healthy choices, snacking is perfectly acceptable.  If you arn’t feeding your body with nutritional sources of energy throughout the day, you are more likely to binge when you eat your actual meals. (Hello self-serve M&M’s in the lounge!) Visit our eats page for 100 calorie snack ideas!


 Pretzels and granola bars are great on-the-go options! Check out our eats page for more ideas!  Seriously, go do it..now. 🙂

3. Portion Control

Haley and I love LOVE dessert (but who doesn’t though?!) Chocolate is a staple in our house, but we try to perfectly portion our sweet eats to eliminate chocolate binge eating (of which we have been severely guilty of in the past).


Last night, I portioned our a serving of chocolate chips and felt perfectly satisfied afterwords.  Had I brought the whole bag into the living room with me…well that would be a different story 😉

4. Exercise When (and Where) You Can

Haley and I both wake up early and get back home in the evening, which doesn’t leave much time for proper exercising.  We realized that we are most motivated to work out right before we go to bed. So, every evening we lay out our yoga mats and do this crazy hard (and fast) ab workout.  We blast a POP song and alphabet our way to flat abs.



 Awkward workout photos!

Let’s repeat, shall we?

1. Water, not soda
2. Snack right
3. portion control
4. Exercise when it works for you!

Happy Tuesday!

–The Twins

Monday Motivation: Week Two

24 Jun

It’s Monday!

This starts week two of our Terrific 21 plan, our personal efforts to get in shape and start a healthy lifestyle!  After thinking of goals that we want to achieve over the summer (our plan will officially end near our birthday in mid-September), we came up with an achievable plan.

Terrific 21 Plan

This week, we are keeping it simple by focusing on two goals, drinking more water, and focusing on our eating.  We have been SO BAD about our water intake lately (coffee has become our water replacement, which is terrible), which is having a negative impact on running performance 😦

To keep us (and you!) motivated this week, here is our new motivational quote:

“Doubt whom you will, but never yourself” –Christine Bovee

Untitled picture

This weekend, we were motivated to follow Haley’s training schedule (3 miles on Saturday and 4 on Sunday) and even found some great routes to mix it up!  4 miles at a time is a stretch for both of us (we are still building endurance) so we were proud of the accomplishment.  It was strangely humid on Sunday (not a PNW thing during summer at all) so it felt so good to finish those 4 miles on Sunday.

Today, and this week, is about moderation, motivation, and staying on track.  We are making a promise to ourselves and to the blogging community to stick to our goals.  We want to succeed, and the only way to get there is to follow our little plan and hold ourselves accountable.  As we go through this week we are going to stay positive and just keep getting better!

–the Twins

Terrific 21 Recap: Week 1

23 Jun


It has officially been a week since we introduced our Terrific 21 plan.  For those of you who missed out on this exciting announcement, check here and here!

This past week has really been about prioritizing, finding little ways to work in exercise and to focus on the positives. That means, no getting down on ourselves for missing a workout!

“Some succeed because they are destined to; most succeed because they are determined to.”  We tried to live by these words this week. As you will see, we were determined to find ways to fit in exercise throughout the day, whenever it worked best for our busy schedule.

Our Weekly Goals:

Terrific 21 Plan

Week One Results: 

  • hydrate: Epic fail this week. We both remembered to drink coffee throughout the day, but unfortunately coffee is not water 🙂


  • listen to our bodies: Meh. We found ourselves snacking often this week, especially in the evening! We both think this is because we eat lunch inconsistently (still getting use to our 9 to 5’s)
  • positive thinking: Success! Even when we came home from work absolutely exhausted we still made an effort to SMILE.
  • stress free, worry free: Ok this week. We are both trying to work on stress management and relying on each other to stay positive tends to alleviate worrying. Sistah love!
  • eat clean: Our eats this week were on both ends of the health spectrum, ranging from healthy…

CIMG4054…to not so healthy…


We also managed to fit in some treats often occasionally.


  • Every failure is a learning opportunity: This was a hard one to take to heart this week.  We were both a little disappointed in our Saturday run.  Due to lack of sleep and hydration on Friday, we were both fatigued and had no desire to really challenge ourselves.  Next week we plan on focusing more on making sure we make hydration and sleep a PRIORITY.
  • No excuse is good enough. Stay Active: Yes!


Week 1 Workouts

Monday: Pilates
Tuesday: 3 mile run (Haley), 20 minutes cross training (Hanna)
Wednesday: 2 mile run (Haley), 20 minutes cross training (Hanna)
Thursday: 30 minutes cross training (Haley), abs (Hanna)
Friday: Rest Day!
Saturday: 3 mile run/walk, abs (H&H)
Sunday: TBD (H&H)

  • Be a sponge: Yes! More on this to come 🙂

If you couldn’t tell already, Hanna had way to much fun experimenting with random photo filters 🙂

Comments? Email us at twineats@gmail.com. Feel free to follow us on Twitter too!

–The Twins