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Smoothie, Spin and A Great Weekend!

17 Nov

Hello Friends!

It’s been one of those weeks.  You know what I mean?  Late nights in the computer labs, group projects, papers–so much to do!  I am looking on the positive side of things though, as Thanksgiving Break is almost here!  I have decided to challenge Hanna and I with a Twin Turkey Trot on Turkey Day…more to come on what that means 😉

Here are some happy highlights from my week!

2013-11-15 09.26.15

The lovely remains of my post-workout juice!  I call it juice because I was sadly out of frozen fruit (and too lazy to freeze my bananas), so my smoothie was very thin but still amazing.  In the mix:

  • Water and Almond Milk (I love adding water to smoothies!)
  • Protein Powder
  • Chocolate Pb2—mmmmmmm!
  • Banana

Such a great combo!

2013-11-15 07.57.39

One of my favorite workouts of the week included 30 minutes on the treadmill, then 30 minutes on the bike (I was obviously moving in this picture…).  I also used the lat pull down par, free weights and a medicine ball doing Russian Twists to create an awesome workout!  Gym tip:   Never go to the gym on Mondays!  Literally all of campus decides to work off their weekend, so all of the machines are taken.  But by Friday, most of the gym has cleared out (sad, but true).

2013-11-15 09.10.50

Quality time with Mr. Foam Roller!  If you don’t have one already, I would suggest you invest–they are wonderful 🙂

2013-11-14 15.49.58

Off to tackle yet another essay 😦  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

–The Twins


Photo Friday and Kitchen Experiments

26 Jul

We made it to Friday! Woo hoo! We’re keeping this post nice and short for you guys today.

Last night we were totally craving dessert, as ALWAYS. So we decided to do a little experimenting in the kitchen. Verdict? Bad idea.

Earlier in the summer we played around with the idea of making a single serving mug cake and it worked out..ok. Here’s the recipe we used. But, with us both tired from a long day of work we decided to wing it. As in no recipe this time.

Into the mix went:

–3 tbs flour

–1ish tbs sugar

–1ish tbs milk

–a little more than a dash of vanilla

–about 1/2 an apple

After 2 minutes in the microwave, this….

20130725-201641.jpgbecame this…



It was all around gross. The texture was off seeing as we didn’t add any fat (oil, butter) and we probably should have added a little baking powder. Also, Hanna was a little heavy-handed with the vanilla. But you know what? Live in learn is what we always say 🙂

We are starting to get better at taking photos, so expect to see more on our blog!



Eats this week included some salads and a few (not pictured) treats. Hey, its summer! Live and learn 😉





What are you up to this weekend?

Hello from Haley!

7 Jun

Hi everyone!

This is Haley checking in on our little blog.  Right now, I am in the middle of dead week (aka the crazy insane time before finals begin).  This time next week though I will be home!! Although finals week (especially this quarter) is a little rough, I have been finding some ways to get some fun in when I can…


1.  Running in the early morning!  I have been having some knee issues (nothing major, just fatigue off and on) so I have had some few not-so-fun running days.  I always try to tell myself that every day will be a good day when I run…and it usually is!

2.  Enjoying the nice weather!  Up here in the PNW, once the temperature goes beyond about 60, everyone freaks out.  These past few days, we have had 75 degree weather, so I am trying to work on my tan (that will never appear).  That “golden glow” that many people can achieve after laying in the sun is a far reach from the “lobster red” that Hanna and I inevitably deal with, having fair and sensitive skin.

CIMG2984Give me some aloe vera!

3.  Adventuring to the grocery store!  Although I eat most of my meals on campus, I really was craving some study snacks, and on my most recent trip to the store, I picked up some honey greek yogurt (my fav), kashi cereal (the “crisp” kind is my new obsession), and some bananas.  Not gonna lie, I love just going up and down the aisles picking out the foods I would stock my pantry with if I wasn’t a “poor college student”.


4. Watching this super funny clip from the Ellen DeGeneres Show! Seriously. Watch it now.

Well, back to hit the books!  Have a wonderful Friday!