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Random Dinner Night

2 Nov

The other night, I realized something.

I had absolutely NOTHING left in the fridge. Ok, so maybe that’s a little dramatic. I had ALMOST NOTHING left in the fridge.

My roomate Dorothy and I decided to pool our resources (as true college students do) and create dinner out of thin air…

tofu (fried in a pan with a small amount of oil and coated with Saltines)


the smallest bit of kale,

And dinner is served! (We also had a small green salad with lettuce and arugula on it’s last legs).


Housemate shenanigans (love you Dorth!)



Risotto Master

1 Nov

It’s official. I’m a risotto master.

Jokes aside, I’m actually quite proud of how this turned out. Risotto isn’t the easiest thing in the world to make, BUT if you have a solid 1 1/2 hours to kill, I would highly suggest going for it.

Never made risotto before? Here’s how:

If you’ve been following our little blog for a while, you’ll know that I (Hanna) don’t really like to use recipes. Ok, so I use them more as “suggestions.” If you religiously follow recipes when you cook, here’s a great one.

Start with some chicken broth. Warm it on LOW while you chop up your veggies. You want it to be lightly simmering (not boiling) by the time you use it.

You’ll also want some arborio rice (risotto rice). Trader Joe’s has a great option.



Chop veggies! Onions, garlic and mushrooms are great additions to risotto.



This is a two-pan job. Use one to heat the chicken broth, and the other to cook the veggies.



After the veggies cook down a little bit, add your risotto. Keep it in the pan for a good minute or two to get it nice and toasty.

THEN comes the difficult part. Add the chicken stock to the veggies/risotto in 1 cup increments, stirring until the rice absorbs it all up!






Have you tried making risotto before?

–The Twins

First Concert

26 Sep


Hopefully you haven’t been able to tell, but I’ve (Hanna) been MIA the past few weeks. The past month has been absolute insanity. With learning to live on my own, being responsible for cooking my own food, paying bills/rent (what is this!!), an insane class load, and turning 21, I haven’t had much time for anything else!

Yesterday was one of those rare nights where I remember how worth it it really is to work your butt off 🙂

My first concert. Ben Rector.


Ever heard of him? No? I’m sure you’ve heard the wedding song. NO?

Now you have.

Here’s my favorite song of his:

So glad I had the opportunity to experience my first concert!

What are your plans this weekend?

–The Twins

Tuesday Twin Tips: How to Survive Your First Week of Classes

23 Jul

Hello friends!

We’re starting an exciting new series called “Tuesday Twin Tips”.  Basically, we want to share little bits of advice with you, in the hopes that you will benefit from it and apply our knowledge to your life!  For today’s Tuesday Twin Tips (say that 5 times fast), we’re sharing a bit about what we have learned from our college experience so far.


How to Survive Your First Week of Classes

Summer is almost over! Can you believe it? I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear, but for those of us on a Semester schedule, pretty soon these long, summer days will be a distant memory.  In light of this we thought we’d share a few tips we’ve learned along the way.

You’ve picked up your ID card, maybe walked around campus a few times? Not so bad, right? But now what?

Aim to do this the weekend before classes start:

Get up early: just do it! You’ll thank us later. While the rest of your peers are sleeping here’s what you are going to be doing:

1. Print off your class schedule OR save a snapshot of it on your phone. Note the building and classroom of each of your courses. Now take a little walk around campus. Pretend its Monday and walk around to each of your classrooms.

Why? When everyone else is scrambling to find their classrooms on the first day, you’ll already know where to go. The last thing you want to be is late (and potentially without a desk) on your first day.

2. Set more than one alarm for the first week. It does pay off to prepare.  You are bound to be awake more than asleep for the first few days. Sleep deprivation+excitement+life changes are bound to through off your schedule.


3. SMILE: Haley and I both went off to school not knowing ANYONE. 2 years later we both have a solid group of friends. How? Being friendly (obviously) is the best way to make friends.


So smile! If the person you are smiling at isn’t smiling back–well, they are not worth your time!

4. Have fun! These next 4 years of your life are going to be filled with life long memories and memorable learning opportunities.

–The Twins

Saturday Fun

20 Jul

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! We didn’t check in yesterday because we got iPhones (woo hoo)! Not that we don’t love you guys…but let’s just say that we were a little preoccupied 🙂 Here are some highlights from our week. We have been doing some cooking, so we thought we would share our delicious eats with you:


Kale love! No surprise here, right? That giant mound was definitely gobbled up by our family of four last night…no shame!


Don’t forget the brussel sprouts! Yes, they look gross, but they are reheated–we promise they tasted great!

2013-07-19 12.07.28



2013-07-19 12.07.43

Champagne pear vinaigrette….

2013-07-19 12.08.27

Black bean chips (from Costco) are THE BEST. Pick them up right now!

Mix together and you get…

2013-07-19 12.07.19

A pretty good salad!

So far this weekend, we’ve gone IKEA shopping (Hanna leaves for school in 27 days!)

2013-07-19 14.20.35


And taking tons and tons of photos 🙂

2013-07-19 19.58.00

We are off to begin a one day vacation at the beach. What are you all up to this weekend?

–The Twins

Long Weekends

8 Jul

Wow. We had such a good weekend. I guess you don’t know how hard you’re working until you finally get to take a breath.  This weekend was a much needed recovery for us. We snacked, laid by the beach, soaked up the sun.  It was GLORIOUS! Even though our 21st birthday isn’t until September, our grandparents, who came in for the 4th of July, wanted to pre-celebrate with us while they were in town.  Multiple birthday celebrations? Ummm YES!

We had good meals…



(dessert is totally a meal!)


Family time….


And FUN!


Did you have a nice weekend?

It’s Summer!

14 Jun

Hi Lovelies!

It’s finally summer!  After a grueling 2 hour finance final, I am done with my second year of college 🙂  Now, I must attempt to pack the mess in my room, and tomorrow I leave to return home and see my sister!  Any exams, but finals especially, can be extremely tough, so we would like to share some ideas about how we celebrate after finishing finals!

1.  Drink Milkshakes!



2. Bake



3. Read 🙂 Fun books though, not textbooks!



4. Make funny, ridiculous faces



What do you do to wind down after a long week of finals?

*Check back tomorrow for an awesome post on our Summer Exercise Plan!*