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Sunday, Cider, and My Favorite Pig Video!

10 Nov

Hey everyone!  I wanted to check in and share some pictures from my weekend…

2013-11-07 12.35.20


Random Lunch: kale chips, rice, and sweet potato!  Such a wierd comb0 (I had to clean out the fridge) but it worked!

2013-11-08 07.45.11


Selfie Time!  I had an interview on Friday, so I had to snap a pic of me getting ready.

2013-11-09 12.38.36


Hot apple cider and a book.  There is something about a hot drink that makes reading really really boring books for school much more bearable.

If you didn’t know this already, I am obsessed with pigs 🙂  This cute little video from YouTube has been on repeat #piggielove

Have a great Sunday!



What We Ate Wednesday

17 Jul

It’s Wednesday!  And that means another look at some of our yummy eats from this week.  Maybe you will get some ideas from us about what you should get during your next grocery run…. 🙂

*Disclaimer:  We were not compensated for the products featured below, we just happen to enjoy them and hope you do too!


If you are a long-time reader of our blog, you know of our crazy obsession for anything from Trader Joe’s (we’re serious).  In particular, TJ’s has some of the greatest cereals, so if you are ever in the market for an oatmeal alternative (we love oatmeal, but sometimes we like switching it up) this whole grain cereal is a must have!  It is crunchy and yummy like granola, yet has so many good things for you in it (think omega 3s and whole grains).


We can’t forget Kashi!  Confession time:  We cheat on our beloved oatmeal with Kashi GoLean…Who can resist the crunchy goodness?  And all that protein?  These sisters are sold 🙂  This is the regular kind, but the Crisp variety is awesome!


These little gems have yet to make it onto our dinner plates, but we are looking to you for suggestions.  How do you eat your sweet potatoes? We have read that this veggie is especially good for runners to eat (woo hoo), so we are eager to try our hand at baking/cooking with them.  Suggestions?


While too much dried fruit isn’t the best for you, these dried cherries make the ideal topping to our breakfast oatmeal, or as a snack.  Our household has a variety of dried fruit in rotation, but these are by far one of the favorites!

—The Twins