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Smoothie, Spin and A Great Weekend!

17 Nov

Hello Friends!

It’s been one of those weeks.  You know what I mean?  Late nights in the computer labs, group projects, papers–so much to do!  I am looking on the positive side of things though, as Thanksgiving Break is almost here!  I have decided to challenge Hanna and I with a Twin Turkey Trot on Turkey Day…more to come on what that means 😉

Here are some happy highlights from my week!

2013-11-15 09.26.15

The lovely remains of my post-workout juice!  I call it juice because I was sadly out of frozen fruit (and too lazy to freeze my bananas), so my smoothie was very thin but still amazing.  In the mix:

  • Water and Almond Milk (I love adding water to smoothies!)
  • Protein Powder
  • Chocolate Pb2—mmmmmmm!
  • Banana

Such a great combo!

2013-11-15 07.57.39

One of my favorite workouts of the week included 30 minutes on the treadmill, then 30 minutes on the bike (I was obviously moving in this picture…).  I also used the lat pull down par, free weights and a medicine ball doing Russian Twists to create an awesome workout!  Gym tip:   Never go to the gym on Mondays!  Literally all of campus decides to work off their weekend, so all of the machines are taken.  But by Friday, most of the gym has cleared out (sad, but true).

2013-11-15 09.10.50

Quality time with Mr. Foam Roller!  If you don’t have one already, I would suggest you invest–they are wonderful 🙂

2013-11-14 15.49.58

Off to tackle yet another essay 😦  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

–The Twins


Photo Friday: Hanna Goes to School

16 Aug

It’s Photo Friday! We are so close to beginning the LONG road trip with Hanna’s stuff. Even after two years of college under our belts, we STILL manage to take WAY too much to school with us. Moving plans include: unloading the van, organizing Hanna’s new room, finding a delicious place to have lunch and try to fit in a run sometime too.

We will be back on Monday with more updates about our crazy life! Now, Hanna will be blogging from school and Haley from home until she goes off to school too. Have a great weekend!


Dirty Clothes

12 Aug

We’ve got a little surprise for you all today: a video! But not just any video. Haley’s Dirty Clothes!  Ever go on a trip, have a great run that leaves you super sweaty, and then you have no idea how you will travel home with those stinky, stinky clothes??  Well, that happens to us all the time!

Thanks to a Runner’s World video, we now have learned how to travel home with our fitness gear, without stinking up the rest of our bags.  We recreated the video to show you from our perspective.

Check it out and try it for yourself!

Here is the link!


Let us know if you try it–it is a lifesaver in our book!

Do you get super sweaty when you run?

–The Twins

Terrific 21: That Was So Not On Our Diet

29 Jul

Hello Friends!

Seems like forever since we last spoke. Ok, so two days in the real world is nothing. Two days in the blog world? ETERNITY. We blame a busy weekend 🙂

Here’s what we’ve been up to:


First baseball game of the season! Woo! It was a toasty 80 degrees here and we were in the sun for 3 full hours. #sunburn

And, because it was a family outing, we had to get a treat!



Dick’s is a Washington mainstay! Hamburgers, fries, a milkshake? That was so NOT on our diet! But it was a perfect end to a ball game.

Fun Fact: Macklemore just filmed one of his new videos at Dick’s the other day. Check out this article!

On to Terrific 21…

2013-07-27 09.19.17

FIrst of all, have we said how incredibly excited we are to finally turn 21? We can’t wait to make it to this next stage in life.  And creating a healthy lifestyle is the best birthday gift we could ask for.  Hanna only has two weeks left until she heads back (eek!) but she has seen some progress.  All we can do is get better, right?

This week, we are focused on eating right, keeping our workouts focused and strong, and staying positive along the way.  Are you with us?  Let us know in the comments below how YOU are going to be healthy this week!

–The Twins

Thursday Thoughts

25 Jul

Hello everyone!  We’ve made it to Thursday!  Today on my normal morning training run, I (Haley) just wasn’t feeling it–you know what I mean?  Whether it was fatigue from a week of being super busy, not enough stretching and cool down (guilty!) or not spending enough quality time with my foam roller (best invention ever!) I just couldn’t get in the groove today 😦

b7f567aecbac833fccdc0998b977d9a7Source: Pinterest

Its important to remember that it’s just one day, and tomorrow’s run will be better, right?  I was reading some articles today on Runner’s World, and came across this article about running plateaus.  You should check it out!

Also, I’m looking into getting some new running shoes this fall–my trusty Asics are definitely showing some wear on them.  What are your favorite kinds of running shoes?  Let’s hear your ideas!

We will be back tomorrow with an exciting Photo Friday!

–The Twins

Terrific 21 Updates!

22 Jul


It’s Monday! As you can see above, we had quite the successful weekend, as far as workouts go. Hanna experimented with the Nike+ Running app (if you haven’t heard, we just got Iphones!) and proceeded to log over 5 miles on Sunday (Haley did 6 for the first time ever!).

The summer has gone by so fast, but we are trying to stay on track with our Terrific 21 plan. Consistent workouts, a commitment to clean eating and positivity–all around some great goals to aim for. Here is our full list of achievable goals:

Terrific 21 Plan

As we are increasing our mileage each week, remembering to stay hydrated is a must! This week, a major goal is to focus on our water intake. Seriously, our coffee-to-water ratio is embarrassing #coffeelove

Also, we are trying to eat clean by avoiding processed foods. Clean eating=happy tummies! More recipes and food ideas to come as we continue to experiment in the kitchen!


How are you staying active this week?

Thursday Thoughts– Currently Survey

18 Jul

Happy Thursday!  Here’s our take on a “currently” survey that has been floating around the blogosphere

Current Books:


We have been using the local library to find books that we can flip through during our (very limited) free time.  We go for anything from health and fitness books (like above) to professional development/training books so we can prepare for our future careers.

Current Music:

Not gonna lie, we have a particularly random taste when it comes to music.  Haley likes country music, while Hanna tends towards more alternative tunes.  One of our new obsessions?

Current Nail Color:


Just plain nails for Haley 😦  There are some fun summer nail polish colors out there that we are both dying to experiment with, though!

Current Drink:


H20 for the win!  Especially with these hot summer days, we are both craving water like crazy.  Also, we are practicing carrying waterbottles during our long runs to help with hydration–it’s a little wierd to get used to, but totally worth it!

Current Wish List:


Hanna is soon going to join Haley and purchase a Garmin to track her running!  Garmin just came out with a purple Forerunner 10–so cute!

Current Excitement:


Anticipating the half marathon in September!  Above is Haley’s inspiration board, complete with training plan, Monday strength exercises and agilities (that she am supposed to be doing, but is not–*Haley’s note:  I am going to try harder at this!)

What are you doing currently?  Let us know in the comments, and participate in our survey!

–The Twins